Documentary by Elif Karakartal, Rutgerd Boelens and Leontien Cremers

Issued November 2012

Water is power and because of water there are struggles. This story is about the recent developments in the community of Andamarca, in the south of the Ayacucho Province of Peru. It shows the different levels of conflict over water, as identified and studied by the International Research and Action Alliance Justicia hídrica/Water Justice.

Central in this documentary is the role of the ‘Yaku Alcalde’ or Water Mayor, who is appointed by the community to fulfill an important role in the delivery of the water and the organization of its distribution.

Cirilo Flores, Yaku Alcalde of the Punta sector explains to us:

The water is not mine. I am only the administrator for a year. I say who can irrigate and who cannot. I do not create the water. In case negligence occurs, a collapse, the community members have to contribute. If not, how will the repair be done? This contribution has to be made by everyone. Without it, this place would be abandoned.

This documentary was realized from the work: ‘Water which makes us alive’ © directed by Elif Karakartal in the community of Andamarca, Peru, and readapted with the research work done by Rutgerd Boelens about water, culture, power and conflict in Andean societies.

Copies available through l.c.cremers [at]