Ana Documental ‘Ana: volar sin alas’ Visita de campo Cangahua y Oyacachi, Encuentro JH 2013 Dia de campo Curso-Taller Justicia Hídrica 2011 Curso-taller Justicia Hídrica 2012 Encuentro Internacional de Investigadores Justicia Hídrica 2012

Documentary ‘Diverse water ways’

Documentary by Elif Karakartal, Rutgerd Boelens and Leontien Cremers Issued November 2012 Water is power and because of water there are struggles. This story is about the recent developments in […]


Water Justice/Justicia Hídrica publication II

Book Justicia Hídrica II: Agua, injusticia y conflictos. Editores: Edgard Isch L., Rutgerd Boelens, Francisco Peña Coedición: CBC/ PUCP/ IEP/ Justicia Hídrica ISBN: 978-612-4121-05-0 En torno al agua y su gobernanza, […]


International Justicia Hidrica Researchers Meeting IV, 2012

El más reciente Encuentro de Investigadores Justicia Hidrica (IV) fue ejecutado entre 13-16 de Noviembre 2012 en Cusco – Peru. Investigadores de varios países presentaron sus investigaciones sobre acumulación de […]


Water Justice Workshop-Course IV, Cusco-Peru 2012

How to analyse and understand the process of water accumulation and the proliferation of water related conflicts? This was the central topic of the Justicia Hidrica Training Course, executed between […]


European Citizens’ Initiative: “water is a human right”

The European federation of public service unions (EPSU) took the initiative to start a European Citizens’ Initiative: “water is a human right”. For this campaign an occasional alliance is formed […]


Publication Justicia Hidrica

Book: Justicia Hídrica: Acumulación, Conflicto y Acción Social Lima, IEP; PUCP, 2011 “Water flows in the direction of power”, as the book editors Rutgerd Boelens, Leontien Cremers and Margreet Zwarteveen […]