Resumen Foro Andino del Agua 2011

Resumen Foro Andino del Agua 2011

The Andean Water Forum was executed between 8 and 9 November 2011.

For two decades important relationships and exchanges have been established between civil society organisations involved in water matters in Andean countries. Often these contacts proved structural and permanent over time and that is why today we can speak of an Andean institutional network, in which NGOs, platforms, consortiums and universities participate, but also professionals on their propper title. This network has been promoted by different assistance projects and programmes. The connections did not develop in an isolated way, but were formed in a continuous path of strengthening of relationships and the construction of values, concepts and shared knowledges.

As an activity, the Andean Water Forum 2011 is considered as an important milestone in the process of strengthening and expanding the professional and institutional ties at Andean level, with the aim to contribute to water development in the region, with criteria of social equity and justice, environmental sustainability and economic viability.

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