The execution of comparative and interdisciplinary research and the promotion of interactive learning processes through an action-research network is one of the key strategic components of the Justicia Hidrica/Water Justice alliance. This is done in collaboration with local indigenous and peasant water users’ organisations in concrete contexts. This way, we hope to find a better insight into:

  • the dynamics and mechanisms of the processes of water and water rights accumulation, in terms of class, gender and ethnicity;
  • the contents, nature, dynamics and structural contradictions of the resulting conflicts; and
  • the opportunities for multi-scale strategies by the grassroots organisations and actors from civil society who look for ways to encounter current water injustices and resolve conflicts related to water

There are three types of research that we distinguish:

  1. Justicia Hidrica Research Projects (commissioned)
  2. Other research projects with Justicia Hídrica
  3. Projects allied to the Alianza Justicia Hídrica alliance