How to analyse and understand the process of water accumulation and the proliferation of water related conflicts? This is the central topic of the Justicia Hidrica Training Workshop, often executed in combination with the International Justicia Hidrica Researchers’ Meeting. This course is directed towards young professionals from the Andes and offers a combination of recent theoretical approaches, cases and concrete experiences around themes of accumulation of water (rights) and related conflicts. Besides, the course offered approaches, exercises and methods for action-research and reflexive engineering to the participants. Each course is set-up around an empirical case study near the course location, allowing participants to practice their acquired knowledge and skills during an intensive one day field trip. The course participants are professionals from NGOs, government institutions and grassroots organisations from Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Mexico.

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Contributions from the VIII Training Workshop Water Justice

Also, the participants inform us through their Informative notes, throughout the course:



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