The following projects have a strong link to the JH Alliance:

  • IP-WOTRO / Netherlands Organisaton for Scientific Research: “STRUGGLING FOR WATER SECURITY: Social mobilization for the defense of water rights in Peru and Ecuador” [click]
  • IP-WOTRO / Netherlands Organisaton for Scientific Research: “THE TRANSNATIONALISATION OF LOCAL WATER BATTLES: Water accumulation by agribusinesses in Peru and Ecuador and the politics of corporate social responsibility” [click]
  • IP-WOTRO / Netherlands Organisaton for Scientific Research: “DRiP – Drip irrigation Realities in Perspective” [click]
  • ALFA-Red Agua: Red Andina de Postgrados en gestión Integrada de Recursos hídricos [click]

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  • Waterlat: research network on Governance and Citizenship in Water Management and Environmental Health with a focus on Latin America and the Caribbean [click]
  •  Pro-TeGA: La Red de promoción de espacios científicos públicos y tecnologías visio-espaciales para la gestión integrada del agua [click]Protega

Other links and websites relevant for the Justicia Hídrica Alliance:

  • EJOLT: Environmental Justice Organisations, Liabilities and Trade. EJOLT is a large EU project bringing science and society together to catalogue ecological distribution conflicts and confront environmental injustice. They recently issued an Atlas of Environmental Justice, which collects and displays stories from around the world of communities struggling for environmental justice. It attempts to serve as a virtual space for those working on EJ issues to get information, find other groups working on related issues, and increase the visibility of environmental conflicts:

  •  “Apus del Agua” Blog interesante sobre temas de interés de agua, interculturalidad, gestión territorial, minería, movilizaciones, noticias etc.

The Water Ethics Network was launched in August 2011 by the Water-Culture Institute, to link people who are working on water ethics in some way, but may not be aware of each other.  The purpose is to promote exploration into the values dimensions of water behaviors and policies. Past newsletters, as well as links to the Network’s presence on Linked-in, Twitter, and Facebook, and other resources, are on the Water Ethics website,

  • The Transnational Institute and Corporate European Observatory together run a Water Justice project engaging with alternatives to drinking water privatisation and public utilities reform, to concretize access to drinking water as a human right:

  • The Blue Planet Project is an international civil society movement that was founded by The Council of Canadians to protect the world’s fresh water from the growing threats of trade and privatization. The movement uses a human rights framework to protect water for people and nature. . see also:

  •  The European federation of public service unions (EPSU) took the initiative to start a European Citizens’ Initiative: “water is a human right”. For this campaign an occasional alliance is formed of EPSU, EAPN, EEB, EPHA and WECF, supported by many NGO’s. The alliance will campaign for one year to promote implementation of the human right to water and sanitation and to safeguard water as a public good.

european citizen initiative water is a human right